• Wholesale Military Folding Sleeping Mat Camping Mat
  • Wholesale Military Folding Sleeping Mat Camping Mat

Wholesale Military Folding Sleeping Mat Camping Mat

This is made of XPE with a waterproof durable shell that inflates upon opening area. Made in China, to be more comfortable and warmer and protect you from the wet ground. A great camping item that will give you a better rest with great price. You will enjoy the feeling of comfort it gives to you! We sincerely accept the custom logo service from each customer. For further information, please contact us!


Designed to insulate you and protect from cold, wet, rough and uneven ground, our range of sleeping mats will help give you a comfortable night's sleep whether camping or on military exercise.With high quality and low price,military sleeping mat is the perfect protection for cold and damp ground, with the durable polyester outer able to withstand repeated outdoor use.If you want to get more details about military sleeping mat, welcome to contact us.

Specification of military sleeping mat

Materials: XPE

Size: 186 x 56 x 0.5cm

Weight: around 500g-530g

Package: 1pcs/polybag, 8pcs/carton

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Why do you need a military sleeping mat?

A sleeping mat is almost as important as a sleeping bag, since it is mainly this that separates you from the cold ground. When you lie in your sleeping bag the insulation is compressed, making it ineffective at retaining warm air as most is pushed out. There is nothing that can retain the warmth, which will subsequently be lost to the ground via conduction. 

The ground will not rise to your temperature, meaning it will absorb your heat – via conduction – until you are the same temperature as it is, and this can be very dangerous. 

Wholesale Military Folding Sleeping Mat Camping Mat

Types of sleeping mats

Sleeping mats generally come in one of three different kinds of construction: self-inflating, non-self-inflating and closed cell foam mats. Each of these offers a different way of trapping air and separating the body from the ground, and each has its own pros and cons.

1.Closed cell foam mats:

Lightweight but taking up more space than the other options typically will, these mats offer insulation through closed air cells within the foam material. These trap air within the foam and protect you from the cold ground.

As they are made of closed air cells (meaning no air can escape each cell, these foam mats will not compress. This makes them a much firmer, and a potentially more uncomfortable option to go with. Also, because of this, they will take up more space, having to be rolled when stored away.

2.Self-inflating mats:

Made up internally of foam packed inside an air tight shell, self-inflating mats work by absorbing air when the valve is open, causing the foam to expand. Due to the type of foam used (open cell) they are compressible, making them more comfortable than closed cell foam mats and easier to store away.Get a quote.

The level of comfort and insulation offered will depend upon the amount of foam used inside the mat, which will usually result in a trade-off with weight and cost.Self-inflating mats are perhaps the most popular amongst campers due to their lightweight but compressible nature, whilst offering effective insulation.

3.Non-self-inflating mats:

Non-self-inflating mats can cover a wide range of mats. In general they all require manual inflation using a foot pump or just your mouth and will usually include a durable cover.

Down and Synthetic insulated: offering insulation inside, these mats are much more effective at keeping you warm at night, with down being the best but most expensive option. They are typically thicker, and with added weight.

Wholesale Military Folding Sleeping Mat Camping Mat

Milirary Sleeping mats – what you’ll need for your camping trip

On trips where size, space and weight are not an issue – e.g. when camping with your car – inflatable mats would be the recommended option, providing more comfort and insulation than closed cell foam mats.

Where you need to minimise the amount of weight you’re carrying, then closed cell foam mats are an obvious option, though you can find lightweight self-inflating mats. Do bear in mind that if you’re camping in the winter you may want to opt for a warmer mat, or perhaps even two.

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