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What Do You Need to Prepare for Camping?

Aug. 30, 2022

1. Waterproof and warm tent

Tent is generally divided into three seasons tent, four seasons tent and alpine tent. According to the number of users can be divided into single, double, three, multi-tent. General outdoor stores are generally sold in three seasons of double tent, that is, spring, summer and autumn common leisure camping activities, double tent outside the account rain, the inner tent breathable, in the summer sunny can not be added outside the account, double tent application is very common, double tent is relatively spacious, sleep is also relatively comfortable. Tent poles are divided into fiberglass poles and aluminum poles, aluminum poles are lighter.


Many people want to camp a second time as long as they camp once, so you may want to have your own tent. Choose a tent from a more reliable supplier.


Camping Tent

 Camping Tent

2. Sleeping bag with high degree of cold protection

Wilderness day and night temperature difference, summer and autumn sleeping bags must be high degree of cold-proof to warmth-based shopping, generally buy sleeping bags have to adapt to the temperature, to the high one as the standard purchase (for example: adapt to the temperature -10 ℃ -10 ℃, you have to 10 ℃ as the standard, which means that this sleeping bag will be more comfortable at about 10 ℃), the temperature standard for sleeping bags between +20 to 0 degrees Celsius is good.


Ordinary climatic conditions can use cotton sleeping bags, according to the temperature standard (the indicator of the sleeping bag warmth temperature) to choose a sleeping bag. In the high mountains or alpine regions to high-quality down sleeping bags made of better, generally 1.5-2 kg of down-filled volume can be. Down sleeping bag because of easy compression, volume, weight are small, increasingly popular, but the price is also more expensive. One of the envelope sleeping bag can be unfolded as a quilt use.

Outdoor Envelope Sleeping Bag

Outdoor Envelope Sleeping Bag


3. Large-capacity duffel bag

Shoulder bag according to the capacity of small backpack 30 liters or less, medium-sized backpack 30-45 liters, large backpack 45-80 or higher. Choose a backpack according to the equipment you want to carry at your destination. Generally, for a two to three day weekend camping trip, a 45-60 liter backpack is appropriate (tents and moisture mats can be unhung).


If you have a lot of stuff, the capacity of your outdoor backpack should be between 60L-80L to fit all your camping equipment inside the bag. Although outdoor bags have a lot of external suspension buckles, I personally think that you should try to fit it inside the bag, so that it also plays the role of moisture-proof and protective equipment.

Outdoor Camping Casual Sports Backpack

Outdoor Camping Casual Sports Backpack

4. Thick moisture-proof pad

Some people will ignore the moisture pad, think the ground cloth, the moisture pad is useless. However, the damp pad whether in enhancing comfort, or in the dampness of warmth are great, so included in the necessary products. Physical damp-proof mat or inflatable sleeping mat, used to isolate from the ground moisture, to maintain body temperature and sleep quality. The chances of finding relatively flat ground in the outdoors are not high, so a thicker damp-proof pad is a must, so that sleeping will be more comfortable.


5. Shoes, socks and clothes

This is involved in most outdoor sports are needed. A good pair of hiking shoes can make you more comfortable to participate in a variety of sports, shoes must try more themselves, suitable for their feet is the best. You can choose quick-drying socks. If you have slippers, you can also bring them along. At night, the sea breeze will be very big and cold, so be sure to bring thicker clothes, otherwise, the night will be shivering overnight.

 Anti Slip Shoes

Anti Slip Shoes

6. Strong flashlight

In the camping strong flashlight is indispensable, it can not only illuminate the surrounding, when necessary is also a good self-defense tools, in the tent can also be hung on the top of the tent as a tent light, strong flashlight can generally irradiate 30 meters away, according to this standard to buy the right. Night light is very important, you can choose battery lights or steam lights. If it is a battery lamp, be sure to prepare enough spare batteries.


It is recommended to use the lamps worn on the head, also used for night activities, walking at night or camp activities, free your hands.


7. Cooking utensils and tableware

Wilderness cookware generally refers to the stove and fuel (gas tank) for field cooking and boiling water, very convenient to carry. Stoves are divided into oil stoves and gas stoves, gas stoves with gas canisters are more commonly used. Oil stoves are also known as universal stoves, with kerosene, white gasoline, etc., but expensive, and requires frequent cleaning and maintenance. Tableware includes sets of pots, pans, bowls, knives, forks and chopsticks for different numbers of people.