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Quilting Technique and Its Advantages in Military Use

Nov. 22, 2021

Quilting is a traditional folk craft that has a history of over 500 years. It started in the 1970s and matured in the 1990s. With the development of quilting machinery, the quilting process has gradually changed from primitive hand quilting to computer-controlled quilting with modern technology, and the products have also changed from a single quilted cotton blanket to a diverse series of household quilts. And because of its soft and durable characteristics, it has been widely used in army tents and military coats. We introduce the advantages of this technology for you.


Quilting is a decorative seam sewn on three layers of fabric (fabric, padding, lining), usually with cotton, sponge, etc. as filler between the fabrics, and both hand and machine quilting can produce uneven three-dimensional patterns on the fabric.

Take the futon as an example, the futon is generally composed of two parts: the inner tire material and the outer textile, and the inner tire material is divided into wadding and loose fiber. The structure and shape of the core of loose fiber bedding are not fixed and the thickness is not uniform. Imagine the cotton inside your quilt becoming tangled after a period of time! It is uncomfortable.

In order to fix the outer layer of the quilt and the inner core of the quilt so that the thickness of the quilt would be even and easy to use during marching, people sewed the outer layer and the inner core together in a straight line side by side or in a decorative pattern. This process, which adds beauty and practicality, is called quilting, and a quilted mattress or mattress pad that has been sewn in this way is called a quilted pad. They can be used in poncho liners, sleeping bags and others.

Quilting Technique and Its Advantages in Military Use


1, The core and the top of the quilt are combined by hand or computerized quilting, and cannot be separated. When washing, you can wash it in a washing machine.

2, The quilted bedding produced by the regular manufacturers are washed and sand washed and dried before leaving the factory, after this process, the quilt will be soft, durable, three-dimensional, the cotton does not pilling after use, the cotton is not knotted when washing, not in a ball, etc.

3, The quilt is washed and dried with the product trademark, so it looks a little wrinkled, but the quilt is indeed brand new.

4, Handmade quilted bedding can not be as neat and tidy as the machine, there may be more extra threads, but the quilted quilts are relatively soft, and in today's increasingly expensive labor, the value of these handmade quilts is naturally extraordinary.

5, Quilted bedding, after the overall washing sand washing treatment, feel soft and comfortable, suitable for close use, machine washable, can be tumble dried and dried, will not shrink and lose color deformation.

6, Hand-made quilted blanket, using long needle thick thread sewn, whether domestic or foreign, has long been confirmed and has verified the solidity of a certain diameter, so you do not have to worry about the problem of off-line.

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