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Are Hammocks Comfortable?

May. 16, 2022

When you think of camping, what image comes to mind? It would be a tent. Over the decades, tents and camping trips have indeed become inseparable.


But recently that image has begun to change as another type of camping has emerged: the hammock. No, not your backyard hammock with its woven net and wooden hanger that likes to turn you over. Instead, it's a hammock made specifically for sleeping in.


These hammocks are common in Central and South America, but have now undergone countless advances in design and materials and are becoming increasingly popular with car campers and backpackers around the world.

Why? Because hammock camping offers a number of distinct advantages.


More comfort. Say goodbye to sleeping on rocks, roots, dirt, bugs, and sloping, uneven ground. Hammock camping allows you to go above and beyond. There's a learning curve to learning to sleep comfortably in a hammock, but once people get the, uh, hang of it, they report sleeping best in the outdoors that they've ever experienced. Some people even prefer their hammock to their bed at home. So if you want to be refreshed every morning and come home feeling energized rather than exhausted, choose a hammock.

Camping Hammock

 Camping Hammock     


More versatility. Hammocks offer more positional freedom when it comes to sleeping at night: tie your hammock between trees and rocks, below a dock, above a stream, on a hill, or next to a waterfall ...... You can even tie it up between two car racks. In addition, a hammock serves a dual purpose on your trip - not only as a bed for sleeping, but also as a chair and lounger. Nap, read, and relax in the hammock during the day. Of course, it can serve the same purpose when you get home; with a tent in your basement between each trip, you can always use the hammock to relax in your backyard (or even indoors).


Easy to set up. Not every camping hammock is easier to set up than a tent (depending on which hammock and tent you're comparing), but many are definitely super quick.


Lightweight and space-saving. It's so comfortable that you can forgo the pillows and sleeping pads you would otherwise bring in order to sleep comfortably in your tent. The beauty of camping hammocks is that you can break them down into individual components and only take what you need.


More openness. If your goal in camping is to get as much nature and fresh air as possible, then sleeping in a hammock is the way to go. You'll sway with the breeze, fall asleep watching the stars and open your eyes to the sky. If rain is in the forecast, or you want to sleep after sunrise, just put a rain cloth in your hammock.


Great value for money. Many camping hammocks offer super sturdy construction and materials and are as strong as many of the higher quality tents on the market.

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