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Material Selection and Other Considerations for Sleeping Bags

Sep. 28, 2021

The way you sleep determines a good adventure. Waking up warm and rested means you start the day with energy. The difference between a good night's sleep and a bad night's sleep largely comes down to whether you're using the right sleeping bag. Before you make your final decision, follow the military sleeping bag manufacturer to find out the details.

What to consider?

The purpose of a sleeping bag is to keep you warm. They don't actually provide the heat - your body does. Therefore, all sleeping bags have temperature limits. Women generally 'feel' colder than men, so ladies will want to choose a sleeping bag that can cope with lower temperatures.

On the other hand, if the temperature is warmer than expected, you can unzip your sleeping bag and extend one foot, one leg or one arm. This will help cool your whole body. Some of our sleeping bags have zips that extend around the feet, making it easier to cool down when the temperature rises.

There are a few other things you should take into account besides your gender. The older you are, the more likely you are to be affected by low temperatures. You should also take into account your height and body fat percentage. If you have less body fat, consider getting a warmer sleeping bag.

Material Selection and Other Considerations for Sleeping Bags

Waterproof Cold-Resistant Sealing High Winter Military Sleeping Bag

How will you use it?

Are you planning to fill your backpack with all your gear and head out into the wilderness or around the world? Maybe you want something for occasional use that doesn't need to be carried that far?

The size (compressibility) and weight of your sleeping bag is really important, especially if you are planning a long trek or need to find space in your rucksack.

Size and weight are directly related to the padding of the sleeping bag. Generally speaking, sleeping bags are filled with either down or synthetic materials that look similar to down but are actually man-made.


Down usually comes from geese and is an excellent natural insulator. Down feathers have a loose structure that traps air in the spaces between the fibres, which prevents heat loss. Down is also compressible. This is ideal for sleeping bags that need to be stuffed into a rucksack.

Down sleeping bags are therefore ideal for trekking and travelling. However, down isn't perfect. Once it gets wet, it loses a lot of its warmth and becomes heavier. Also, as they are more expensive, if you are only camping occasionally, a synthetic sleeping bag is your best bet.

Synthetic materials

The structure of synthetic insulation mimics the structure of natural down. As such, it too uses air pockets to trap heat. However, unlike down, it cannot be squashed down to almost nothing. As a result, it is a little bulkier and heavier. On the plus side, synthetic insulation does not lose its insulating ability when wet. It is also easier to take care of - you can put it in the washing machine, for example. All of this makes it ideal for beach camping and camping trips. NATUR OUTDOORS offers military camping sleeping bags with nylon lining and 350g/m2 hollow fibre filling, as well as 350g/m2 microfibre, which is lightweight and warm.

Material Selection and Other Considerations for Sleeping Bags

Waterproof Winter Outdoor Camping Military Sleeping Bag

Choose us

The sleeping bag from NATUR OUTDOOR is strictly in accordance with SB/T10284-1997 national standards. And the warmth temperature can range from -15 degrees to 15 degrees, youwill feel warm in winter. We use high quality waterproof fabric, standard PU waterproof coating in the back side. Microfibre, spongee and other synthetic materials can help lighten weight and reduce costs.

Most importantly, we offer different opines on colors: Multicam, MARPAT, ACU, OD green, COYOTE, BLACK, Tiger stripe, etc, you can contact us here, leave a message about tje size and color and amount you need, we can customise all our sleeping bags to your requirements, with competitive prices and competitive raw materials, enabling factory direct to customer business and offering fast and consistent delivery times.